G.I. Joe - Rise Of The Cobra (2009)-TS

Release Group: STG
Release Name: G I Joe The Rise Of The Cobra TS XVID – STG – FATAL
Filename: Gi.Joe
Release Date: August 12, 2009
Source: TS
Size: 1.38 GB
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Video: 720 x 318 | 25fps | 1664 kbps
Audio: English | Mp3 128 kbps
Runtime: 1 hr 50 mins
IMDB Rating: 6.2/10
Directed By: Stephen Sommers
Starring: , Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Christopher Eccleston, Grégory Fitoussi

An elite military unit comprised of special operatives known as G.I. Joe, operating out of The Pit, takes on an evil organization led by a notorious arms dealer.
Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, whose previous collaboration was the worldwide blockbuster “TRANSFORMERS,” join forces with Spyglass Entertainment for another extraordinary action-adventure “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.” From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. JOE team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro and the growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization to prevent them from plunging the world into chaos.

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