G I JOE The Rise Of Cobra PAL XBOX360

Release Group: REV0
Release Name: G I JOE The Rise Of Cobra PAL XBOX360-REV0
File Name: r0-gijoex3
Release Date: August 6, 2009
Platform: XBOX360
Genre: Action
Language: PAL
Developer: Double Helix
Publisher: Electronic Arts
IGN Rating: 5.8
Size: 6.66 GB

The core idea for G.I. Joe is sound. Create a modern-day version of Contra with the Joes as the central figures. The first issue with this is that EA is hampered by the feature film. The movie strips away the unique outfits of the Joes and so the game has some very bland looking character models. Gone is what made G.I. Joe so memorable for kids of the ’80s. The personality just isn’t there. The characters look boring as do the environments (snow level, jungle level, desert level, lava level, bored-out-of-my-mind level).
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